Sunday, May 30, 2010

About Wikipedia, part one

Wikipedia is a non-commercial project of Wikimedia Fondation. It is a language based project, and there are more than 700 projects made by volunteers, which spend their unpaid time to write and to make the whole "knowledge of the human race available for everyone, allover the world". The central part is maded by few projects like,,,

For usual, the Wikimedia Fondation is owner of all projects and domains, no matter in which language they are written.

There is a project above those rules, so called "Croatian Wikipedia", for real Wikipedia on Croatian language. If we forget the five pillars of wikipedia, this is the only project with "own" rules. The first step into the "country-owned" Wikipedia are national insignia on the main page. There is no other project (between more than 700!) having national insignia on the main page, but "Croatian Wikipedia" is not made for everyone who would like to contribute in that language as others, but for all Croats no matter if they can speak or write this language.

The specifications of this project are:
1. Use Croatian sources, even if they are wrong or political (pages without impressum or possibillity to contact owner, broken rule: neutral point of view)
2. If you want to contribute, don´t even try to use some words of familiar languages like Serbian or Bosnian, otherwise you will be blocked from editing for infinite (broken rule: assume good faith)
3. Dont even think about posting crtical view on a "Croatian" article or you will be called such names as proserbian, probosnian, nationalistic... (broken rule: assume good faith, no personal attack)
4. To get a sysop flag on "Croatian" Wikipedia, you need to join a group of "real leaders". This is just possible if you write hard core nationalistic articles. The second step is a invitation on the privat channel on IRC freenode server called #PGC. Once there, you will get all informations about "persons non grata" and will be informed about steps you should made to support the view of PGC community. Otherway, you can participiate in a Wikimedija Hrvatske, a not official chapter of Wikimedia Fondation, owned by three users and registered in Zagreb, Sokolska 31. a familiar house without office (after skipping captcha, insert Wikimedija Hrvatske and than klick on the blue number at left, for the adress, insert Sokolska 31. Zagreb on

to be continued...

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  1. I think you'd like a work that I am preparing about general ethical profile of Wikipedia. Among everything else, there I tackle the topic of hr.wp in an enough subtle way to explain when the things like it happen.

    It may help you to make better envelope for all your essays by digging deeper in why hr.wp is such and also provide a certain amount of ratio behind the story.