Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wikipedia Part two

I´m proud to present you the only Wikipedia where serbo-croatian don´t exist and where the freedom of speech is not allowed. Even if there are some hundred thousands of speakers. But what should we expect from an user who is one of the greatest "point of view" pushers across the projects, blocked for the same reason on de.wikipedia....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Abraham vs. Ibrahim - Hebron vs. Al-Khalil

For the Muslims, Ibrahim is the friend of Allah, but his nation, the people of Israel, are the enemy number one. On the other side, he is the tribal´s father of the Jews. An equation with two unequal.

Let us take a look on the israeli sight on Hebron, which is called Al-Khalil (the friend) by the arabs.

It is one of the most contradictory places in the middle East. As Abraham (Ibrahim) comes to Al-Khalil, at this time called Kirjat Arba (book of Genesis, 23,2), he was searching for a place to bury his wife Sarah. God promised him the land for him and his followers. The "Holy Land". As he came and found the place called Mamre, he asked a Hethiter Ephron the owner to buy it. Ephron, who was prepared to give this part of land as a gift, has meet the Abraham on the portal of the city. In the knowledge that someone who give you a present can also demand it back, Abraham rejected this offer und asked him once again to buy it. As Ephron tells him: "You can have this land, and those 400 gold pieces that is worth are not that matter", Abraham saw a sign that Ephron is ready to sale him that part of land and the cave Machpela. That was the legal business on which the Israelis are holding, and which should prove their ownership of Hebron.

Let us take a look on an other nation called... let us say Germans. If a German has buyed some piece of land somewhere in China... is it Germany?!?

OK, it seems silly, but just because of this one property, the whole Al-Khalil should be Israeli?!? More than 90 percent of the people are Arabs, and those 10 percent should own the whole city just because of this one who owned a part in the past?

After the Islamic conquest of Kirjat Arba in the year 637, there were some Jewish families still living in the near of Abraham´s grave. But in the year 1100, the crusade made the end of them.

After that, the British Empire alowed the establishing of the Jewish families again after 1900. So there were some 700 Jews there after 1920.

In the year 1929, 700 Jews who lived there has been distributed by the Palestinians who killed 67 of them. 1967 after the Hebron´s occupation trough the Israel, they gave the argument of returning of property stolen from the Jews some years ago. In this case we should notice that there are some 400 Jews between 100,000 Palestinians. Those jews are concentrated near the grave of Abraham and protected by 1500 Israeli soldiers.

As Ibrahim/Abraham is a significant person for both religions, his grave is a place of worship of both confessions "protected" by Israeli soldiers.

This place was a place of a massacre on the 25th february of 1994. An Israeli comander, Benjamin Goldstein an American citizen who emigrated to Israel, come in to the Mosque (the part of the building with the grave) on a Friday and killed 39 Muslims who find in there to pray. Three Israeli soldiers which were on the entrance as "protection" didn´t act.

Hebron or Al-Khalil, the place where everything have begun, and the place which was the reason for the death of Yitzhak Rabin, is still the place of the fights and of the separation of two religions with the same roots.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Insult Islam... it is freedom of speech...

If you say "Nigga", you´re a rasist. If you insult a Jew, you are an antisemit. If you insult a woman, it is sexism. If you insult a Gay, it is intolerance. If you crtic your country, it is a treachery. If you insult a religion, it is hate.... But if you insult Islam or Muhammed a.s. it is freedom of speech?!?